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i've been at skool now for about 3 almost 4 hours and im sooo tired i fell asleep in my english2 class. But luckily my i woke up before my teacher noticed. i have to go job searching today.. wooh hoooh. any one know a good place ta work? also a place thats hiring ?? well loves and ill give u ppl teh inside skoop on whats happening later. wish me luck.. (:
I dont know wat to say
or even where to start
but i would have never guessed
u'd be the 1 to break my heart.

You can walk away
but i dont feel the same
my love for u was true
but to u it was all a game.

I wish there were a way
i could go back in time
to hold u in my arms
as if u were still mine.

Please some1 tell me when
this pain will go away
when ill forget the past
and move on to another day.

A day where just for once
ur face wont cross my mind
i wont think of are memories
ill just leave them all behind.

I wont think of are good nights
or the way u made me feel
ill move on to some1 new
some1 whos love is real.

I wont miss ur arms around me
holding me so tight
i wont long to feel ur body
press up against mine through out the night.

The memory of ur kiss
will finally dissapear
and never again 4 u
shall i shed another tear

I say all this right now
wishing it would be true
But i know tonight i'll go to bed
crying over you... :'(
Hi 02-04-07 22:18
Hello my name is Danielle. im new on elowel and im not realy sure how to work it... any one wanna help... . . .?